History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most interesting games that can be found in a casino.

Origins of roulette

Roulette originated in eighteenth-century France. At that time, the aristocrats and the nobility spent much time in games of chance in the great halls of Paris. The mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, invented while developing a perpetual motion machine , which would later be known as classic roulette, in 1655. This model of roulette would remain unchanged for almost a hundred years.


European Roulette and American Roulette

In the 1840’s, the Blanc brothers developed an innovation to the roulette devised by Pascal in 1655. They introduced a zero to Pascal’s classic roulette, to make it known in a casino in Monte Carlo as European roulette. A group of French immigrants who fled the Terror Regime settled in New Orleans, carrying with them the invention of Pascal; later, given that the big bookmakers lost money with the French roulette model, they would add, unlike the prototype of the Blanc brothers, two zeros, which favored the casinos.


Modern and contemporary roulette

The roulette’s that are currently in the halls of casinos, are mostly electronic, however, in recent decades virtual roulette’s have begun to take more and more strength. Online casinos have this type of game, which allows players a greater margin of accuracy and security, when placing bets and collecting prizes. Online roulette’s basically consist of a software that controls the turns and the throws, as well as the fall of the ball in a virtual roulette; There is also a modality called live roulette, which the player can follow from the webcam.

Roulette in Europe and America

From the creation of roulette in France, in the 18th century by Pascal, the game began to expand through the rest of the European courts. In Russia, Catherine II, is said to be a great fan of roulette, having in each corner of their royal apartments, a replica of the game . Prince Charles III of Monaco supported the Blanc brothers in the creation of European roulette. On the other hand, in the United States, two more zeros were added to the game, which put balance in the balance between bettors and casinos.


Live roulette

Live roulette allows the player to have the fully virtual gaming experience. In this way, in online casinos, gamblers can access from their mobile devices without the need to download applications, in the vast majority of times. The dealer manipulates the roulette, making the sets and paying the bets. The player can see at all times what happens in the casino from your mobile or computer, which is undoubtedly an experience that makes this form of roulette, very exciting.


Online roulette

The modality of online roulette is one of the most innovative. The growth of online casinos has made online roulette more and more popular among these. Unlike the rest of the game’s modalities, online roulette is totally operated by a software that replicates the spins, throws and turns of a real roulette wheel . More and more developers perfect these virtual roulette s, thus guaranteeing a lower incidence of errors as well as fraud or sabotage, which makes the bets for the player more secure.

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